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Artiste Artisan

Creative director Anne-Fleur Broudehoux found inspiration in the “Artiste / Artisan ?” exhibit, which took place in 1977, in Paris, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The poster for the exhibit, designed by the artist Edith Raymond, is the starting point for this season.

The idea of an artist, whose life intermingles with her art is expressed through the spectrum of whites, creams and greys. Clay takes on a colour of its own, and calls to mind the ceramics and the plaster chimneys found in the work of Valentine Schlegel. The work that is done with the mind, and then with the hands, are smudged into paint-stained clothing. The laces this season suggest moments in time that feel almost halted, where our devotion to ourselves and to our art is absolute.

Where is the line between craftsmanship and art? By encouraging exceptional savoir-faire, fashion is able to refine the way we dress every day.


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