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Roseanna x Edith Raymond

The meeting between ROSEANNA founder and designer, Anne-Fleur Broudehoux, and Parisian artist Edith Raymond was a happy accident. Anne-Fleur’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection for Roseanna was inspired by the 1977 "Artiste/Artisan" exhibit at Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratif. At the back of the exhibit’s pamphlet, now impossible to find, was Edith Raymond’s name. Anne-Fleur reached out, and was able to track down the artist who, forty years earlier, had designed the pamphlets, invitations and posters for the exhibit that had become the main inspiration for Roseanna’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Edith invited Anne-Fleur to one of her gallery openings, happening a few days later, and the two immediately bonded over their shared love for simple, happy, colorful, and lively shapes. Soon after their meeting, the "Edith" print was born, inspired by the artist’s unforgettable patchworks created for the 1977 exhibit.



Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items


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